MAFRA products and Mafra fabrics are made in Spain by Proorto, S.L. We developed our own technique which made possible the nowadays elastic fabrics, we also investigate and develope new articles and fabrics in Spain.

The MAFRA fabrics are a revolution both in comfort and efficiency in the field of the elastic textile supports for therapeutical use. Although our commercial capability is still limited, our products are well known in prestigious markets such as Sweden, Switzerland and even also in very different ones like Tunis, Belarus etc. Obviously they are very well known in Spain.

We are mainly focused in developing an original and efficient technique for both fabrics and articles. Our aim is to achieve better fabrics with unique qualities in order to ensure the best possible articles.

Our first interest was to find a healthy product, we have prevented as much as possible the chemical wastes such as dyeings and finishing treatments in order to avoid the problems that they use to provoke. We were also very focused on making breathable fabrics, and also on making them as soft as possible.

Fabrics have not finishing edges therefore they are much more comfortable, can be cut lengthwise between the elastics threads without laddering. Velcro hook adheres to Mafra fabrics allowing for any degree of tension.

Please let us know your comments if you are interested in contacting us, you will find our e-mails in the web site.