Mafra fabrics are a revolution both in comfort and efficiency in the field of the elastic textile supports for therapeutical use. The origin of our fabrics and products comes from our headquaters in Spain, where we developed a special technique which allows the current elastic fabrics. We also investigate and develop new articles and textiles in Spain.

The main advantages of Mafra Products and fabrics are the following:


Velcro hook adheres on the fabric

Velcro Straps adhere to our textile, allowing to control the compression and to give more flexibility in size. Moreover, we include an auto adhesive Velcro strap on our daily supports to give the textile higher durability.


Teixits transpirables

Els productes no transpirables, com ara el neoprè, només s'haurien d'utilitzar per a curts periòdes de temps, els nostre productes son realment transpirables.

No finishing edges

Our textiles have not finishing edges, which are uncomfortable and rub against the skin


Fabrics can be cut between threads

Our Fabrics can be cut between the elastic threads in order to enlarge holes and so on.


Mafra fabrics allow a superior tolerance concerning sizes because they are not so stiff and adapt themselves better.


Different inner surfaces

We Offer different internal surfaces depending on the fabric use or product needs. We also minimize to the utmost the use of dies and other finishing agents that might harm the skin.

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Elasticity, resistance and other applications


We can also make fabrics between 2 and 50 cm of width and with different grades of elasticity and resistance.

Our fabrics can also be used for many different applications, such as the shoe industry, textiles with electric lines, etc.

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