Main Features

MAFRA fabrics offer the following main features:


Velcro straps adhere to our textiles:
Velcro straps adhere to the textiles allowing to control the compression and to give more flexibility in size. Moreover, we include an auto adhesive Velcro strap on our daily supports to give the textile higher durability.


Mafra Fabrics have not finishing edges and can be cut between threads:
Our textiles have not finishing edges, which are uncortable and also rub against the skin. Besides, fabrics can also be cut between the elastic threads in order to enlarge holes and so on.


Breathable Fabrics :




Non breathable products, like the Neoprene, should only be used during short periods of time, our products are really breathable. Besides, our textiles are not so stiff and allow a superior tolerance concerning sizes.


Innner Surfaces.

We offer different internal surfaces depending on the fabric requirements and applications. We can also make fabrics between 2 and 50 cm of width and with different grades of elasticity and resistance.




Non Elastic