Cervical Collar

Code: 131

Soft and high, straight design with Velcro closure. Model 1316 has anatomical chin cut out and is moderately firm.

SIZE (cm) 1(26-31) 2(31-37) 3(37-43) 4(43-46)


Code: 161

Supports arm at wrist and elbow with fleeced padding at shoulder.
Fabric: Rigid band with fleeced anti-maceration padding at shoulder

SIZE (cm) 1(<75) 2(70-85) 3(80-120) 4(110-180)

Sling with Bag

Code: 162

Same design as 161 with additional bag at forearm (without rigid immobilization bandage).
Fabric: Superthin non-elastic, with reinforcement to prevent the hand from falling. Designed to be worn with clothing.

SIZE (cm) 1(27-34) 2(34-40) 3(40-46) 4(46-52)

Arm Sling with Bag and anti-slip Strap

Code: 165

Sling with additional bag at forearm (without rigid immobilization bandage) and anti-induction subjection band. We recommend to open a hole with scissors to get the thumb out of the garment in order to prevent the hand from sliping out of the bag

SIZE (cm) 1(27-34) 2(34-40) 3(40-46) 4(46-52)

Figure of Eight Clavicle Bandage

Code: 171

Fully adjustable with soft, fleeced clavicle pads.

SIZE (cm) 1(50-70) 2(70-90) 3(90-110) 4(110-130)

Back Corrective

Code: 172

Non-elastic adjustable support with soft fleeced axilar padds.
Fabrics: Superthin non-elas

SIZE (cm) 1(55-65) 2(65-75) 3(75-85) 4(85-95)


Code: 310

A very unique effective design that is very comfortable to wear

SIZE (cm) Sizes 2,4,6,8,10,12


Code: 320

Anti-dermical maceration protector used to prevent macerations (sold by pairs). For skiers.

SIZE (cm) Única

Adhesive Splints

Code: 300

Velcro covered aluminium splints to be used with mafra bandages. Available in the following lengths and widths, 1 meter long

SIZE (cm) Flexible 20-30 mm Digital 20-30 mm Semirígida 20-30 mm


Code: 340

The bandaging includes an aluminum splint which can be adapted to the thumb around its palmar side. A fleeced fabric layer protects the skin from the splint, which is quite strong and must be adapted properly.
The article is available for both right and left hand. Rather than an orthesis, we consider this product more appropriated to be used in physiotherapy.

SIZE (cm) Única


Code: 350

Post-surgical bandage for carpal tunnel surgery: Compression on the palm of the hand stabilizes the scar and helps prevent the formation of skin irregularities which might affect stitch stability and provoke keloid. It also protects the hand from involuntary hits. To be used for both right and left hand.

SIZE (cm) Única

Elastic Band Dura Wrap

Code: 04654 al 703531

Bandages available in several lenghts and widths, in high or low elasticity and in velour or fleeced fabrics. Two velcros per bandage: One to fix the initial wrap and the other to fix the final wrap.

It works well for compression or strapping. It can be cut length-wise without laddering and it conforms well to any anatomical shape. Available in black or beige.


SIZE (cm) -